Something that Annoys this Teacher

Things that Annoy the Teacher

Do you have anything that absolutely annoys you?  Things that don't seem to bother other people, yet they get on your ever-lasting nerve.  To some people, this might be called a pet peeve. The dictionary says that a pet peeve is a minor annoyance, but I am afraid that mine is more than minor. What do you call it if it reaches 'major' annoyance?  Good question, ah?  I'm probably getting into some kind of psychological diagnosis when it gets to that point.  HA!

My annoyance is  going to seem ridiculous to some, but here goes.......

No, it's not the potato chips and Pop-tarts themselves.  It's the packaging!  I can not stand to hear the rattling of the package.  For example, if someone is sitting beside me and they keep sticking their hand inside the package to get some chips out.  I hate the sound every time their hand reaches in the bag.... over and over again.... so annoying!  If you are sitting by me and you eat a Pop-tart (or anything else in a package), please, please remove it from the package and put it on a paper towel.  The crinkling sound just drives me nuts. I know, it's crazy! ................okay, it's not like I can't ever be in the same room with someone who has to eat from the bag, but hear me now....I'm cringing on the inside... 

My kids and husband have pretty much gotten used to me saying, "That gets on my nerves!"  When I am teaching and it's snack time, my students know the routine from day packages!! Either use a Zip lock bag (not nearly as much noise) or put it on a paper towel.  If they didn't know what a pet peeve was before they arrived in my class, they go home from the start with a new vocabulary word.  Plus, they get a good laugh out of it. We always laugh about it. :-)
I am not alone when it comes to stuff like this. Some favorite annoyances shared on the Internet are:
  • People who block the aisles in Wal-mart, talking
  • Pens clicking
  • Whining
  • smacking food
  • People who take up two parking spaces
  • People who drive under the speed limit
  • So many more!!
 It's packages for me, but it's other things for other people.  With me, I probably have some kind of sensitivity to high-pitched sounds or something like that. Either that or I'm just a complete wack-O! What about you, do you have anything that annoys you?

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