FREE Birthday Pencil Toppers

I don't do a whole lot for my kids' birthdays, typically just a pencil and a birthday card....maybe a piece of candy.  I have found in the past that they just want to be recognized on their birthday, and something simple can be all it takes to bring a smile to their face.  I made these birthday pencil toppers that you may like.  Just print them off, laminate, and tape to a pencil.  Get them all ready at the beginning of the year and then all you have to do is grab one from the can on their birthday. I cut around mine using pinking shears. I have also included a style that could work for a button instead of a pencil topper. It says, "It's my birthday."  After you laminate those, just hot glue a metal  button backing that you can get in the jewelry section of Wal-Mart or a craft store like Hobby Lobby.  Enjoy!

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Happy Birthday Pencil Toppers
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The can above is a soup can that I spray painted. 
The pencils came from the Dollar Spot at Target.
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