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Hi!  My name is Molly, and this is my sweet little teacher blog.  I started teaching in 1993, and over the years, I have always been dubbed 'creative', which is a total compliment.  The name for the blog was inspired by the sweetness of candy and cupcakes (don't they just say happiness!) and my love for creative lessons. Isn't it just a sweet thing when you come across a lesson that grabs your attention and gets you and your students excited about learning? Well, teacher blogs can be a great source for inspiring and fun lessons.  I hope Classroom Confections can be a place that provides just that... creative classroom ideas that are the icing on the cake to your already wonderful classroom ideas.  
Enjoy my blog, and visit often!

B.S. Early Childhood Education
M.S. Early Childhood Education with a focus on reading and literacy

Teaching Experience
Special Education Teacher
Title I Teacher
EIP Teacher
3rd and 4th Grade Homeroom Teacher 
Reading Intervention Teacher
STEM Lab Teacher
Adjunct Instructor at local Technology College

Metro Atlanta, GA 


  1. Love your blog!! Cute concept that I just want to eat up!!
    Can't wait to share about it on my weekly email to the teachers.

  2. HI Bobbi... Thanks for visiting! Also, thanks for spreading the word in your weekly email blast. i really appreciate it. I add freebies all the time, so tell the teachers to stop on by. :-)

  3. Hi Molly,

    Love your blog. Just wondering what computer program you use to make all these games and activities?

  4. What a cute blog! I'm your newest follower. Now I'm off to check out your posts.

    First Grade Delight

  5. HI "Delighted".... thanks for the compliment. Glad you like!!

  6. I am a retired teacher working with individual students with special needs. Your materials help me get the most from one activity. Each one is content rich. Thank you.

  7. I HAD to come and find your blog! I hope that when I ever have my own classroom it can be as wonderful as yours! Thanks for being a wonderful teacher!

  8. I am so encouraged by your blog! I am currently working on my MAT. Your blog is by far one of the best teaching blogs I've stumbled across! You truly have a gift!

  9. What a cute blog! Great ideas & I love the candy theme!
    Science for Kids Blog

  10. Thanks Sue! I hope you will visit often. I can't wait to check out your blog. ~Molly

  11. This is a great blog and I love the candy theme! Hope you make more games soon.

  12. HI Aliza... I am so glad you stopped by to say hey. When I am not in class with you, I am creating all of this fun stuff to do in class. Enjoy your spring break, and see you soon. :-)

    Mrs. Phillips


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