Printable File Folder Games

Playing Games in the Classroom

All Games I make work well as  File Folder Games


Printable File Folder Games

Kids love my printable file folder games.  Actually, they love any game! Whether it's the card game of War or a content related board game, kids love to play games. All I have to say in my classroom is, "Today we are playing....." and my kids start cheering. Games offer opportunities for cooperative learning, they offer a bit of competitiveness among peers, and they help kids learn new concepts or review skills previously taught in class.  According to a Scholastic article on board games, games can help children with:
  • verbal skills
  • sharing
  • waiting
  • taking turns
  • interactions
  • focusing
  • attention span
  • winning/losing
  • playing fair
  • so much more
As you look around my teacher blog, take a moment to read about some of the file folder games I have created. Look on the sidebars of the blog and you will see many file folder games that you can purchase from my Teachers Pay Teacher's store.  Simply click on the image and you will be taken to more information about the game. Once they are purchased, they are ready to print through an instant download.

Remember, file folder games work perfectly for math and literacy centers. Everything the kids need is kept right there in the file folder, so everything is ready and nothing gets lost. They are also a great weekly Friday activity.  I host Friday Game Day in my class quite often.  Be creative in how you choose to use the games.  The main goal is for the students to learn and have fun, and file folder games provide both of those.