Bulletin Board Borders

printable bulletin board borders
Scroll down for border choices.

Decorating is what makes the classroom personal, and part of that decorating includes cute bulletin board borders. Some teachers keep the same borders up all year, and some like to change them throughout the year based on the unit they are teaching. I have put together lots of themed borders for you to choose from.

What’s great about these borders?
You will never run out because you will have them saved. Print new ones each year or just replace them when they get worn out. Also, cute graphics are used, so the borders are unique when compared to the store bought borders. And of course, they are less expensive than store bought.  

Hopefully you can find a few border sets in my store that will work for your classroom.

Click on the border images below to view them in my store.

bulletin board borders
This is the "Forever Border" Bundle.  It's enough border to last FOREVER.
Click on the image for more details.

Themed Borders
Scroll down for 'pretty border' sets.

apple bulletin board borders

birthday bulletin board borders

chocolate bulletin board borders

circus bulletin board borders  

detective bulletin board borders

bulletin board borders

earth bulletin board borders

electricity bulletin board borders

fish bulletin board borders

60's bulletin board borders

ice cream bulletin board borders

mice bulletin board borders

money bulletin board borders

movie bulletin board borders

new year's themed bulletin board borders

owl themed bulletin board borders

solar system  themed bulletin board borders

weather themed bulletin board border

sweet treats themed bulletin board border

patriotic themed bulletin board border

peanut butter and jelly themed bulletin board border

penguins themed bulletin board border

racing themed bulletin board border

polka dots themed bulletin board border

rain forest themed bulletin board border

rain themed bulletin board border

reading themed bulletin board border

swimming themed bulletin board border

fishing themed bulletin board border

smores themed bulletin board border

writing themed bulletin board border

vacation themed bulletin board border

picnic themed bulletin board border

stripes bulletin board border

pirate bulletin board border

Pretty Border


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  1. I love all of the themes! I'm still trying to decide on which theme I want to go with for next year though.

  2. www.classroomconfections.comJuly 9, 2012 at 10:28 PM

    I know... so hard, but it's fun when you finally figure it out. I am doing a movie theme with several other ideas thrown in. :-)

    Thanks for visiting!



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