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Goodness!  At the start of every year, you always have a few reluctant readers... the ones that have to be trained to read independently.  They want to do everything but read.  You know the ones I'm talking about. I call it pretend reading, and I tell my students from the beginning that I can spot pretend readers.  For example, they flip one page then three then back two.  Their eyes wander.  They squirm.  You know the drill.  Anyway, if they can just sit still and focus long enough to enjoy a book then most of the time they figure out that reading is actually fun.  I had a student last year that fell in this category and he ended up really loving reading.  His parents said he would not put books down.  They thought there was no way he was actually reading the books as fast as he was, so they started reading them too and quizzing him.  To their surprise,  he WAS reading.  They really started appreciating me at that point. :-)

Below is another one of my little posters that might work well for you in an interactive reading journal.  The focus is on independent reading.  On the day the students glue this down in their journal, you can have them do a practice independent reading session.  Then you can have them come back and respond in writing to how well they think they did with following the expectations.  You can also watch the kids and then give them some suggestions of things they may need to improve on, which they could also make note of in their journal.  This is a great list to have, especially once independent reading gets into full swing.  When you see a child not doing one of the expectations, have them take out their journal and tell you which one they are not following.

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You may also like this book buddy chat activity.  My students love it.  Most any student loves to talk about what they have read.  Plus, this holds reluctant readers a little more accountable, as they will want to be able to become engaged in conversation.  After all, if they haven't read their book, they will have a hard time talking about it.  My students actually ask to do this activity :-)

Feel free to pin this activity.  Just hover over the image. 
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  1. Molly,
    Thank you again for sharing your work. I have downloaded all of the reading posters you have made and plan to use them during reading interventions. Liz in South Dakota

  2. I have downloaded all of the reading posters you have made available. I will use them this year. Thanks!

  3. I sat down at the computer to find one thing that I needed for my classroom. 2 hours later... I am stumbling across so many treasures. I cannot figure out how to download these awesome posters!!!! Can you help?

  4. Hi Traci - Just go to the tab at the top of this page that says 'free reading posters'. You will find the posters there. Once on that page, click on the words above each poster and it will either take you directly to the poster or to a blog post I wrote about the posters. If it takes you to the blog post, just click on the words above the poster on that page. Hope that makes sense..... enjoy. Thanks ~ Molly


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