What is Reading?

This reading poster is another one that will work perfectly in an interactive reading journal.  For me, I would use this at the very start of the year when I am setting up my readers workshop.  You may even pose the question "What is reading" before you show the poster.  Have your students write a few sentences in their journal to answer the question and then share with a partner.  After letting a few students share their answers with the class, pass out the mini poster to glue in their interactive journal.  Discuss in detail what reading really is, and that it goes far beyond saying the words on a page.  Enjoy.

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What is Reading
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If you teach grades 3-5, you may also like my Readers Workshop Guide.  Many people have been very happy with this product, which you can read under the feedback section.  Thanks for checking it out.

Feel free to pin this activity.  Just hover over the image.

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