DIY Inexpensive Partner Pocket Chart

When I say inexpensive, I 'm talking like $2.00.  I think that is pretty cheap!!

This little DIY pocket chart will work great for a partner center.  Maybe students are working on spelling, and one student calls out a word to another for that child to spell it.  Then they take turns being the caller or speller.  I can think of lots of different ways to use this little partner pocket chart.  Be creative.

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Supplies:  Stapler, Scissors, Cheap Sentence strip pocket chart from Target dollar spot, heavy duty cardboard pocket folder, patterned duct tape. 

1.First,  you will  cut off the top piece of vinyl fabric above the top plastic strip.  It is the part that has the two brads for hanging. Leave a little bit of fabric above the strip.  Save this for a later step.

2.Next, cut the pocket chart in the middle of the strips, so that you will now  have 2 sentence strip charts with 4 each one.

3.Now, face the two pieces of vinyl to each other with the plastic strips facing each other.  Make sure the plastic strips are open to the top.  You will staple across the top.

4.Flip the vinyl back over, and the staples should be on the underside with the plastic strips now on both outer sides. 

5.Take the file folder and keep it closed.  Drape the stapled vinyl over the folded part of the folder. The folder will open on the bottom.  You will have 4 strips on each side of the folder. Basically, you have a small pocket chart on each side.

6.Now, staple the vinyl  to the top of the folder.

7.Then staple down 4 sides.  You will hold the folder slightly open and staple the vinyl on the sides to attach it to the folder.  Do this on both sides.

8.Now, pick a colored tape.  I used  a lighter weight tape, but I would probably now recommend  a patterned  duct tape.  You will use this to cover all staples.

9.Last, take the strip that you originally and you will use it to staple to the inside of the folder in order to help the folder stay open at an A-frame.  I cut mine to the inside of the brads, and then trimmed off a little more.  The size you choose will determine how much the folder will open up. 

Once completed, you should have 4 strips on each side.  It's perfect for a partner center, but it can always be used individually, too. 

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