Two Digit Multiplication Activity

As a fourth grade teacher it is sometimes difficult to come up with fun activities related to multiplication.  Of course there are a few games that are great to play ( I even have some in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store), but I'm talking about a fun individual activity where the kids can get practice with their multiplication AND have get some of their creative energy out. 

This is where the Multiplication Monster comes in.  Students will be solving two digit by two digit multiplication problems, and then based on those answers, the number of body parts will be determined. This is a fun activity for students to do to review multiplication of two digits or even use it in a math center. After students have put the correct number of body parts as determined by the math multiplication problems, they can add other details to make their monsters fun and colorful.  Because I did these at Christmas time, I found a Santa hat online that I just printed out and they glued it to the head of the monster.  I think they turned out pretty cute.

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