Responding to Literature

Responding to Literature

Responding to literature is communicating what you think and understand about what you have read.  Responding to literature doesn't just have to be the same 'ole writer's notebook using readers' response letters. There are lots of ways to respond to literature.  Here is a very thorough list of ways to share a book that would be considered responding to literature: Responding to Literature

And of course, for the younger elementary students, teaching them to respond to literature may first mean getting them to connect with the text. They need to learn to find things they find interesting. Here is a sheet I made to do exactly that. They will write down two things they find interesting about the text. This can be used while reading a text aloud as a whole class, or even aloud in a small group.  It can also be used as a literacy center activity with the books students are reading independently.
 Use however you would like.  Be creative!

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