FREE New Year's Resolution Writing Activity

It's a New Year's Napkin Resolution Activity

I know, call me CrAzY!  I was shopping in Target when I came across one of their sale racks.  You know the ones I am talking about on the end of the isles.  Well, they had some of the cutest napkins marked down to .65 a pack.  Can you say "BARGAIN"?  Of course I had to buy some!

So, what to do with the napkins????? Hmmm.....
Actually, I was supposed to be cleaning the bathroom, but instead I put together this little paper napkin booklet that I am going to make with my kids the first day back from school.  The napkin works perfectly as the cover to the mini booklet, which I cleverly titled "Coming Clean" with my New Year's Napkin Resolution.  We will talk about 'coming clean' being a figure of speech, and then come clean about some improvements or goals, AKA resolutions, that they need to make. They will then do a short writing about their resolution and expand on their ideas. 

If you would like to try this activity with your kids, start searching for some cute napkins. I am including the file for FREE if you would like to download it here : printable New Year's Activity.

Here is a sample:

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