Teaching Blog Addict

It's time that I come clean and admit that I'm an addict..........
a blogging addict! 

It's not just any 'ole blogging addiction though, it's........
Teacher Blogging!

And this week's featured teacher blog goes right along with my addiction.
Yep, you guessed it... It's a blog for us teaching blog addicts to fess up about our little problem.
It's a place where we can take ownership of our addiction.


The Teaching Blog Addict teacher blog is officially awarded the:

If you haven't visited their blog before, take a moment to do so.  You don't have to be a teacher blogger to appreciate their site. Any teacher is sure to enjoy their daily blog posts. One of my favorite pages on their blog is the list of other teacher bloggers. It can be found by clicking HERE. Subscribe to their RSS feed so you won't miss a beat when it comes to updates. Enjoy!

Oh, and just in case you were wondering...
I really am an official ADDICT! I have my membership care to prove it.

Teaching Blog Addict


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  1. Hey Molly!

    I am an "addict" too! I have put together all the rules for the give away. Can you please contact me at mandyholland@hotmail.com and I will send them your way! I think it could be big- about 9 other blogs have said they want to participate!

  2. Hey Mandy- I emailed you earlier today, but I am about to email again. Check your spam folder, maybe it went there. I will email again! :-) If this one doesn't go through, email me at molly_phillips@mail.com

  3. Hey Thanks Molly for awarding TBA with this sweet award! We graciously accept on behalf of our 80 authors!
    - Leslie


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