Free Printable Multiplication Chart (0-12)

Print Monthly Multiplication Charts

Downloadable Basic Multiplication Facts

Multiplication charts or tables are a valuable tool in the classroom for teaching and reinforcing multiplication skills. They benefit second, third, and fourth-grade students when introducing or reinforcing basic multiplication facts. 

printable multiplication charts

These printable tables provide a visual representation of the multiplication facts, making it easier for students to understand and memorize them. Teachers can use the chart to demonstrate how multiplication works, and students can use it to practice their multiplication facts. Using a multiplication chart or table allows students to quickly and easily find the answers to multiplication problems, which can help build their confidence and improve their overall math skills. Use the chart to differentiate instruction for students who may struggle with multiplication. These charts can be helpful if your students are playing a multiplication math game and need to check answers. They are also perfect for sending home and having parents quiz students on the facts. 

Each month has a table with a fun themed picture, so there are plenty of choices to send home throughout the school year. Kids will love coloring the image too. You will indeed find these multiplication charts as a handy tool in your classroom.


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