Brain Breaks Video

Fun Brain Breaks Activity

Do you have fidgeting kids?  Do you need to take a moment to let them get their wiggles out? Maybe it's time for a brain break!

Brain Breaks Activity

 Sometimes if you just allow students a few minutes to get their energy out with a "brain break", they will become better listeners and learners once you start the lesson back up. I created a little video that takes no preparation.  Just click play and let your kids have a few minutes to move their body. Brain breaks are a great way to improve the  mood of you and your students.  After all, it can be quite entertaining to see kids move and groove, bend and reach, and skip in place. There is also lots of humor to be found when the teacher joins in. But, the best part is they can get a little break and then get back to the lesson. There are two options for watching the video.  You can watch it right here via YouTube, or you can go download it from my Teachers Pay Teachers store. 

Brain Breaks Video

If you would prefer to download it from my store, just click this link: Brain Breaks

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