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I can't believe it's already FALL! 

Actually, I didn't even know yesterday was the first day of Fall until my 4 year old informed me.  That's right!  My preschooler.It went something like this... 

I was sitting out in the back yard while my little guy was playing in his sand box.  Keep in mind the temp was the high 80's here in Georgia. He looks over at the fire pit and asks, "Can we build a fire?"  I was like, "Are you kidding, it's hot out here!"  Of course he asked again... and again!  You know how that goes.  My next comment was, "We need to wait til Fall!"  His eyes got wide as he said, "It is FALL!!"  Oh my.... I mean, I knew Fall was nearing, but I didn't know it was already here. :-)  I was like, "How do you know that?" His response, "We put it on our calendar at school today." My first thought was, "Crap!  We can NOT build a fire!!  (haha).  My second thought was, "YES! He is a good listener at school!"  He always keeps me on my toes.

In case you are fire! I know... bad mommy!  We  ended up having a good conversation about the temperature and how it really was not a good time to build a fire, and he was okay with that. Soon though!! He is an understanding little guy.

But, it is Fall Y'all.... so, with that in mind, I hope you can use this fun little fall reading poster I made. Perfect for your classroom library. Just click the link below.  Just trim it down, pop it in a frame, and place it in your reading center.  If you have a bookshelf in your classroom library, place it right on top. Or, don't use a frame at all.  Just laminate and hang. Your kids will love it, and it just might inspire them. Enjoy!

Classroom Library

Classroom Library Poster for Fall

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