Printable Bubble Sheets

Printable Bubble Sheets

Let's face it.... I think testing is here to stay.  Along with the testing comes the infamous bubble sheet.  I have a love hate relationship with those little bubbles.  I love to use them for a quick quiz or a short assignment, but I hate to use them for standardized testing because even my fourth graders get messed up on their bubbling.  They may be bubbling in number ten when they are actually on number eight.  They've skipped two and then they are totally screwed up until the monitor/teacher catches it. Monitoring tests is a whole other topic.... is that like the worst job in the world!!  I mean, who likes to walk three miles in their classroom in complete silence while trying to focus on circles a fourth the size of a dime.  ... UGH!

You will NOT believe this part.  For our very important state testing this past year, we were told that if we were walking around during the test (you know, the one they want to eventually base our salary on), and we saw a kid get screwed up on their bubbling, we could not say anything to them.  Now, if they realized they got messed up and asked for help, we could then help them, but if we noticed they had gotten off and they didn't realize it themselves, we could not say one  damn stinking word to them.  We had to watch them bubble incorrectly all the way 'til the end.  Thank goodness all of mine caught themselves, but in the lower grades, I'm sure some didn't.  That was about the craziest rule change I had heard in a while.

Regardless, bubbling is a thing of today.  I have made some printable bubble sheets if you would like to go check them out. I included lots of different kinds, even some for beginners learning to bubble and a ticket out the door bubble sheet. 

printable bubble sheets
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And here is another thought from me on bubbling.  :-)

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