Positive Reinforcement in the Classroom

positive- affirmation, approval, indicating acceptance, having a good effect, marked by optimism

reinforcement- the act of reinforcing, making stronger, to stimulate or encourage

I don't know about you, but I love positive reinforcement.  I think it is a natural desire to want positive affirmation for our actions.  Even in my teaching job, I love it when someone tells me I did a good job or gives me an award.  In the teaching world, it may be something simple like a note left on your desk from your principal or being given a special jeans pass for doing something over and beyond. Wouldn't you be crushed if your principal walked out of our room only leaving you with a negative comment.  Just imagine!  I don't want people to focus on what I have done wrong, and I don't think when it comes to a student's behavior the focus should just be on the negatives. Now, I am not completely saying that kids don't need to have inappropriate behaviors pointed out to them, because I feel they do.  But, once you have given a child an understanding of what appropriate behaviors are, I think it vital to catch them in the act and point it out to them, offering them the positive reinforcement for that behavior.  Tell them right when  you see them do something good.  Make it a point to be positive, and with some teachers this is not an automatic, so they may need to make a conscience effort to do this. One suggestion is to set up a behavior management system in your classroom that is based on positive reinforcement.  I have done this for years, and I have found it to be very effective.  Most kids naturally want to please, and I have even found over my twenty years of teaching that 'bad' kids want to do well too.  Sometimes those kids are the ones that hear negative after negative after negative.  It is up to us, the teacher, to stop that for them.  Tell them how well they did.  You never know, you might be able to offer the positive affirmation that the child has never before received.  Try it. :-)

As a reminder to think positively, I made this FREE positive thinking Poster.

Positive Reinforcement in the Classroom
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For your classroom, you will love this positive reinforcement "Pocket Bucks" money system.  Check it out in my Teachers Pay Teachers Shop for all of the details.  It has everything needed for a colorful positive reinforcement bulletin board.  This can be used for whole class, or you can use an individual pocket for one child if needed.

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Another fun idea that the kids will love are my Arm Charm Brag Bracelets.  Check those out too.

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