Where Are We Board

Are you looking to make a cute  "where are we board" to hang outside your classroom?  If so, this little project is fast, fun, and costs less than $10.  Every item but one came from the Dollar Spot at Target.  If you are like me, you love to find all kinds of goodies at Target.  I like the way this board turned out because it is the perfect size to hang on the wall right outside of a classroom between the door and where the cork board strips are that you hang work on.  Not sure if everyone has those strips or not, but regardless, it's a great size for a door or the wall. So, here goes.

Pictured above are the items I used.  The little board is actually a magnetic board and it came with the ribbon already attached. Can't beat that!  I then created the stripes using yellow Washi tape, which I found over in the scrap booking section.  You can measure the distance of the tape, but it was easy for me just to eyeball it.  Once the tape was down, I centered the letters on each line to spell out the places the kids go during the day. It only took me one pack of sparkly letters to do my board.  You get 5 sheets of letters for a dollar. You may have different 'places to go' than me, and you may have more or less.  The flower I put in the top left corner is actually a magnet, but I hot glued it so that it would stay.  Finally, I used a diamond shaped clip to clip to the side.  It's great because it comes to a point to show where the kids are.  The clip is easily moved up and down the right side to show where you are.  Plus, there are 3 to a pack in case one happens to break throughout the year.   This "where are we" board project literally took less than ten minutes and cost me less than ten dollars.  Two things I absolutely loved.  And, it can be used for years.  To hang, just just use those removable plastic hangers that don't damage the wall.  Here is the finished product.

Where are We Board
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