I Can Statements for the Teacher

 "I Can" Statements for the Teacher
So many teachers are posting "I Can" posters,
 I thought I would share what
I CAN drop my kids off at lunch, warm my own lunch, get to the workroom, eat, and then rush back to pick my kids up from lunch all in less than 25 lovely minutes.
I CAN wear jeans on Friday with spirit wear. There's just something to be said about a jean day.
I CAN tell 25 people what to do 8 hours a day. Some will actually listen.
I CAN hold my pee for hours on end, and then ask the teacher next door for 'permission' to go.
I CAN rush a class of 25 kids down 2 flights of steps and out of the building in 2 min. and 19 seconds flat. (along with hundreds of other kids)
I CAN tell who is  yelling in the boys' bathroom without even entering.
I CAN reply to 30 emails, grade hundreds of papers, write academic contracts, update ESOL plans, write lesson plans for 5 subjects per day 5 days a week, and so much more..... all in my 3 day a week planning period of 45 minutes.  (That should be a can NOT statement)

I CAN keep 25 kids  walking in a straight line on the second square from the wall.

I CAN tell when a kid is pretend reading, or is the book just more interesting when they flip from page 2 to 5 and back to 3 and then read the back of the book before they go to chapter five.

I CAN call for the janitor  to come  clean up puke while I get the trashcan for the sick kid,  and I can even keep teaching my lesson if needed.  That's the only way to teach it all, right? :-)

I CAN test kids and then test them more, and then I can even test them some more.

I CAN do lots of things.

I CAN even teach.


What CAN you do?

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  1. I don't know how to do it but this SO needs to be posted to pinterest so everyone can see it!!

  2. I love your I Can statements! How true for all of us!!!

  3. Am sharing on FB, and giving you some kudos!


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