The Future of Teaching

This part of teaching saddens me.
My thoughts....

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  1. Unfortunately this is becoming a reality. It has always been the case that teachers, despite being rigorously trained and put through the mill of professional qualification after professional qualification, observed to the hilt and made to join professional bodies, have never been recognised as professionals in the same way as doctors, dentists, solicitors etc. All this, despite the fact that teachers are responsible for educating the next generation of doctors, dentists, surgeons, solicitors etc - get the point? So undervalued - but so appreciated by the children and lots of parents.

    I teach in the UK and sadly we are approaching the same situation as you, where we will soon be judged on outcomes rather than on the level of effort put in to teaching all of our children.

    LOVE your picture!


  2. PS - gave you a thumbs up on my blog. Pop on over to take a look


  3. Thank you for deleting my post which was to educate you on how physicians are paid. Way to go teacher! * sarcasm* Maybe next time you educate yourself before you compare teaching to other professions...

  4. Actually, if your post was deleted, it was probably because I get tons of spam from 'anonymous' and tend to delete most of them. 99% of the people that post on my blog identify themselves. Are you a doctor? My brother is a teacher turned doctor, and he would agree with me on my view points. Feel free to explain yourself again. There is no need to get snippy. Oh, and feel free to identify yourself too. It makes you more credible.


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