Teacher Pet Peeves

Don't be thrown off by the title.
 I mean.... come on!
We all have pet peeves, right
We have them with our husbands, our own kids, co-workers from our jobs, and even with the person who lives down the street. So, it just goes with the territory for teachers to have pet peeves too.
Pet peeves.
 you know what they are....
 those minor occurrences that you find particularly annoying while others are not bothered by them at all. The ones that really get on your nerves!!
On the way to church this morning my husband was chewing gum.  Smack... smack.  I just can't stand the sound of smacking gum.  I said, "I'm going to ask one time for you to please consider something."  He said, "What?  Stop smacking my gum?"  Goodness, he knows me all too well.  People should just close their mouth when they chew their gum and little Ms. Molly will be happy.
The gum situation got me thinking about my pet peeves within my classroom.  After all, despite the fact that I am the teacher and adore the kids to pieces, pet peeves are hard to control.  I figure the kids and I are all better off if I just warn them ahead of time what mine are. So, at the start of school I just tell them straight up. After we go over the definition of what a pet peeve is, I tell them mine, and of course, they get the idea, and can offer insight into what really annoys them, too.  So here goes.  Here are a few things that tend to annoy me.
1)  Crinkling Snack Bags - I simply can NOT stand it when a child brings a bag such as a chip bag during snack time and I have to hear the crinkle sound every time their hand enters the bag.  It is incredibly annoying while I am teaching.  They are told from the start of the year to please use a plastic zip lock type bag or to put it on a paper towel.  They are always so good at remembering, which puts a smile on my face.
2) Sticking a fork in apples and then putting a straw in the hole-  I mean, really!! Can you really get apple to come through the straw?  Maybe you can get your ears to pop.  It's just weird, right? 
3)  Picking at name tags on desks-  Seriously...... Why?  Why do you want an ugly peeled name tag on the corner of your desk?  Just respect the name tag and leave it alone.  smile, smile
4)  I Can Draw Books-  This is not art class!  They have a time and a place, but reading time is not one of them.  I'm glad you want to learn to draw a dinosaur, but let's learn how to read the word dinosaur first.  Take them home!
5)  Piling up coats at recess -  So, they take their coats outside and then get hot.  What do they do next? Make a pile that is 40 coats deep.  What is the logic behind that?  We all line up and there they go... digging, tossing, and grabbing in order to find their jacket.  Why oh why?
I probably have a few more, but you might start thinking I am wacky if I keep going.  Okay, you might already think I'm wacky...LOL.  Anyway, do you have any pet peeves in the classroom?  If so, how about sharing a few in my comments section below.  It will be fun to hear what gets under everyone's skin, so to speak. 

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  1. Hi Molly,

    This post made me nod my head & smile! I totally understand your frustrations with name tag picking! Why do they do that? I just bought self-adhesive number lines for my first grader's desks & gave them a HUGE speech before putting them on.

    My kiddos also love to do the whole jacket pile-up! It drives me crazy!

    My biggest pet-peeve is that my kiddos put EVERYTHING in their mouths! Shirt sleeves, necks of their shirts, hoodie drawstrings, erasers, fingers,etc! Yuck! This time of the year is especially skeevy because it seems like everyone has a touch of some kind of cold or illness.

    Thanks for a fun post! Can't wait to check back! I'm your newest follower! Somehow I was following you on Facebook but not on Blogger...problem now solved!

    Alisha Colon
    First Grade Follies

  2. Nose picking and unnecessary noise....like the chip bag, pencil tapping, foot hitting desk, and so many more....my firsties totally know what unnecessary noise is...
    Those are the two BIG ones! There are many more. Lol
    This post made me laugh!

  3. Getting undressed in the classroom - like pulling arms out of sleeves, pulling sweaters up over their mouths, doing and undoing velcro or zippers/buttons, rolling up pants legs, putting hair things in and out etc. I have a few who are way distractable and messing with their clothing is a common thing. I especially can't stand when they pull their arms out of their sleeves and then swing their sleeves around.
    Most of my kiddos have broken the habit, but I still have a few that I have to remind to "Put your clothes on" daily lol!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  4. Thanks for sharing, and I hope many more do. I can so relate to all of these. They make me laugh just thinking about them. I can see the arm sleeves swinging around right now ;-).

  5. Molly! This remind me of my mentor teacher during my internship. It seems like a jagillionty years ago, but some of hers were:

    1. Mama saids- When you say that your Mama said you are not allowed to run in p.e. but have no note, when she said you could finish your homework but there is no note to the teacher, etc.
    2. Tiny pencils- Oh, really? That one centimeter long pencil is the best way to show your best work?!
    3. Gel pens- those pens that barely even show up on the page. In colors like yellow and lilac.

    We all have them! Mine is pushing your trash on or under another's desk instead of throwing it away!

    My Teacher Friend

  6. Molly, this is off topic but I just wanted to say hi and compliment you on how cute and fun your blog is. I spotted your TPT product viewer and had to have one on my blog, too. How long has that been around? Anyway, please tell your kiddos "hi" from me, too!

  7. Hi Loreen... Thanks for the compliments about my blog!I will compliment you all day long about your books. I'm going to post a link so anyone who doesn't know about your books can go check them out....http://www.loreenleedy.com/
    The TpT viewer has been around for about 2 months I think. I don't know for sure.

    I will show my kids this blog post. They will be thrilled that an author said 'hello'.

    I have sitting on my desk at school one of your other books, "Look at my Book" since we are doing the writing process.

    Chat soon,


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