Teaching the Constitution

Teaching the Constitution

Yikes!  The preamble to the Constitution uses some rather formal words.  How about posterity! Hmmm...a fourth grader might have trouble figuring that one out on their own. 

 In our lessons on the Constitution, I broke down the preamble and used synonyms to help the kids better understand the meaning of this very important iintroduction to the Constitution.  One activity I did with the students was that I wrote parts of the preamble onto large pieces of white paper.  I broke it down in enough parts to give each group of two students a separate part.  On each piece of paper, we worked together to come up with words to replace the more formal words of the preamble, which I then wrote in red ink.  For example, as you can see in the picture below, we  used fairness for justice and freedom for liberty.  When they were all completed, I hung them in the hall outside my classroom.  This created our illustrated version of the preamble.   The kids had a lot of fun!

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