Decimals File Folder Game

Learning Decimals

Learning decimals can be alot of fun, especially if you associate it with money.  All kids like money, right?  I always try to make the connection with what they already know, which would be the dollar sign and  decimal point.  Many kids can tell you that it takes 100 pennies to equal a dollar and ten dimes to equal a dollar, so play off of that when teaching the tenth's and hundredth's places. 

I have put together some money themed decimal activites to use when I introduce decimals to the class.  The first is a decimal slide show. It is really just an adobe file, but I use it like slide show.  If you have a projector in your room, this is great to use to show the relationship between money and deimals.  Feel free to use it to suit your purposes in the classroom. 

The second activity is a decimal game.  This works perfectly as a file folder game.  These cash register themed cards can be used for a variety of different activities related to decimals, but one fun game is to use them in a game similar to War (the popular card game).  Each cash register has a different decimal.

Get all the details on these activities from my Teachers Pay Teachers store. To go to these specific decimal activities, click on the links above each picture below.

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