Finished with Work - Now What

"I'm Finished" FREEBIE

Can I read?
Can I draw?
What to do.....

Do you tell your kids to read when they are finished with their work?   You know what I am talking about..... that 5-10 minute block of time when other kids are trying to get finished with their work.  Well, I just heard a new coined phrase for reading during that time period.
 It's called "Babysat by the Book!"...........

Okay, before you think I am crazy, I did not come up with the term, nor did I say I agree with it. Actually, I often times tell my kids to read when they are finished. But, I guess it did make me start to think.  Maybe I should come up with a few other things for them to do. The hard part about having kids do something other than read is that:

1) It needs to be a pretty quiet activity.
2) It doesn't need to be worksheet after worksheet.
3) It has to be something they don't need a lot of help with.

Anyway, I decided to put something together. It may look simple, but it actually took me a lot of time to come up with the activities and get it typed up.  The activities had to meet all three of the requirements above. My plan is to have my kids keep a composition notebook available for the activities they do when they are finished with their daily work.  We will call it  something like, "What should I cook up now that I'm done?"  They will glue the below sheet into their notebook.  Just fold it in half and glue down one side, and it will fit perfectly.  They unfold it to read it, but it stays glued in.  They can pick the activity they want to do.  You can create your own rules, such as they have to do them all before they repeat one, or whatever you want.  Also, they have to finish one before they start another, etc.

Also, notice that I tried to word everything around activites that could be reused throughout the year.  Such as the topics of study in the classroom change, but the activities on the sheet don't change.

Here goes if you would like to use it.  Please come back and let me know how it goes.


Also, I am going to rack my brain to come up with some more activities for grades 3-5, so if you comment with activities, I can put together a second version.  Also, remember that this doesn't have to be ALL the time.  They can still read at times.  This is just another option.


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