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what the teacher wants

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I would like to share my newest Featured Teacher blog..... What the Teacher Wants.  It's no surprise that this blog is growing like wild fire because they offer such fun and useful ideas for the classroom.  The two authors, Natalie and Rachelle, are teachers in Utah. They not only feature their own ideas, but like me, they feature creative ideas by other teachers.  Rachelle is making her way to the top of  Teachers Pay Teachers with some of her creative themed units, so all of you k-2 teaches, do check out her store by clicking here.  You can check out Natalie's store here. One example of a fun activity they recently showcased on their blog is a snow globe art project.  I am looking forward to doing this activity with my fourth graders when we return after the holiday break.  I will combine it with a writing activity, and they will love it. Check out their blog, as you are sure to become a follower.

what the teacher wants

teachers pay teachers store
For more fun and creative ideas for the classroom, click the above picture to go to my store.

If you are a teacher and you like what you see, please visit often.
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  1. Thanks for the awesome shout out! Your blog is beautiful and I'm so happy to find another blog for upper grades!

    Thanks darlin!

  2. You are very welcome! I am with you on the uppper grade thing... our k-2 friends are out blogging us :-) I realized I had forgotten to put a direct link to your TpT store, so I went back and added it.

    Stay sweet!


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