Christmas Gift Idea

This is my cute little project for the day.  I saw some peppermint candy sprinkles at T.J. Maxx (one of my favorite stores), and I just had to get them.  I wasn't sure what I would do with them, but then I saw these adorable peppermint wine glasses at Wal-mart and this gift idea just popped into my head. I was needing to make something for my neighbors as a small Christmas treat, and these turned out to be perfect. These would also make perfect co-worker gifts or teacher treats.

The sweet treats inside are just a little recipe I created.  Take those little Scooby Doo Bone shaped graham crackers (you can't tell they are bones once dipped in chocolate) and put marshmallow cream between them. Dip them into melted chocolate, and then sprinkle them with  peppermint sprinkles.  I also did some with white snowflake sprinkles. They end up tasting like little peppermint smores.  I then took a piece of tissue paper and scrunched it in the bottom of the glass, placed the cookie treats on top of it, and then shrink wrapped the glass. I finished it off with a bow.  Turned out pretty cute!

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