Persuasive Writing Lesson Activity

Writing a Persuasive Paper

I really need to go to the mall!  I need a cookie!........
Kids use persuasion all the time. 
H*e*Y....guess what???
I even use it quite a bit myself!

I am sitting here doing my writing lesson plans for next week and put together a chart I will project on the board to use for my mini lesson on Author's Purpose.  We will actually be talking about this in reading and writing, with the main focus being on persuasive writing.  I thought I would share in case you would like to use.  The author's purpose chart is a FREE download below.

Before I display this chart, I will probably say something like, "Did you know authors love PIE?" and then I will probably say, "Oh yes... look... I am an author and I love PIE!", and then I will open a Little Debbie Oatmeal Pie and take a bite....HA!... something like that always gets their attention.  Then of course, I will display the chart and we will discuss it, and then I will probably give them a half of a pie to reinforce that they too are authors, and so they will get some pie.  (nice teacher, ah?) 

Looking for a fun way to introduce Persuasive Writing in particular.  Try this activity below.
Just click on the link.

Click HERE to see my Persuasive Writing with Oreo Cookies.

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