Teacher Burnout

Teacher Burnout
Although I have been in the classroom for  nearly twenty years, it has been the last ten years or so where teacher burnout has become so prevalent.  It's a sad reality that great teachers all over the country are leaving teaching, or even the field of education, to never return.  We all see the open letters floating around the Internet from teachers exiting the classroom.  It's their way of saying why they simply can't do it any longer.  

The start to a new school year is a great time to give yourself a little reminder that teachers are not Superheroes.  Even though we are pushed into Superhero expectations, we are not.  So, take a breather, enjoy my little video, and start your new year knowing that you are not alone when you feel overwhelmed.  Remember to take a moment for yourself when you need it.  

Also, you might find this little list of back-to-school teacher tips helpful.  It's from a former post and can be found here: Back to School Teacher Tips
Teacher Superhero

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