Free Printable 'EGG'stra Special Tag for Treats

Sending some sunshine with an "EGG"stra special treat......Spring time is a great time to let someone know you are thinking about them.  Maybe you want to  let your students know you are thinking about them. Maybe you have a co-worker that needs a 'pick me up' treat. Maybe you want to let your child's teacher know you appreciate him/her.  Whatever the situation is, this original artwork (yes, I created every little part of this tag... even the swirls on the eggs.... just a little doodle, but it turned out cute) gift tag is sure to pep up a friend's  day when you attach it to some chocolate eggs. Rarely can you go wrong with chocolate!! This printable "EGG"stra special tag is a freebie gift from me and it can be printed out by clicking the link below. They print 4 to a sheet.  Enjoy! 

Click HERE to print "EGG"stra Special Tags

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