Interactive Social Studies Journal and Sale

I make lots of teaching materials, but very rarely do I take on projects that will take me months to complete. That's right, I have created the first part of my interactive social studies journal. Why do I say, "first part"?  Because it is my plan to have a part 2 interactive journal on our government and how it was established.  I designed this journal with 4th graders in mind, but  it could be used with more advanced third graders or weaker fifth graders, too. Actually, because the interactive journal has factual information on United State history, you may be able to use it with other grades. I will let you use your best judgement on that. This journal includes 17 (yes, 17) close reading passages on topics from The Land Bridge Theory, to European Exploration, all the way to the end of The American Revolution. In addition to the 17 close reading passages, you get a set of teacher discussion questions for each passage. Plus, there are over 20 interactive response activities to complete with the close reading activities.  I am very proud of this project.  I know it will get kids excited about social studies.  In the past, my students have taken such pride in their interactive journals, and I am sure your students will do the same.

interactive social studies notebook

And now for the second  part of this blog post..... I am having a 1 day sale in my Teachers  Pay Teachers store today only.  I rarely do this, so hopefully you can find you some great deals to use in your classroom.  Happy 'Christmas in July' shopping to you.  :-)

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