All About Me Poster

All About Me Poster 

We all do activities at the beginning of the school year to get to know our students.  One activity I do is an All About Me poster.  Each student gets to fill in information about themselves, such as writing abut the things that bug them, activities they like to do, favorite book, number of siblings, and more.  This is always a nice activity to do after the fast paced morning has settled down. 

You know what I mean......
you have gone over a million rules,
 they have written their names in a stack of books,
you have explained your classroom expectations,
shared the schedule,
and overwhelmed them any and everything  you think they need to know.
Let's face it.......The first day is a crazy day! 

Anyway, this activity allows them some down time to absorb what you have shared, to think about themselves and what they would people to know, and even allows them to do a bit of coloring.  You will have fun getting to know your kids with these All About Me posters.

There are other options for these posters.  You could send them  home for the kids to fill out.  You could send one home with your student of the week.  There are lots of possibilities.  Be creative!
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Here are the posters hanging outside my classroom.

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  2. Very cute blog and great products! I am a fellow teacher and live near Gwinnett. I chose one of your products to feature in my 10 Weekly Teacher Finds in my blog, so check it out!
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