End of School Activities

Seventeen Days....
Is it bad that we teachers count down the days? 
Nah!  We deserve a break, right!
It's not like I don't enjoy being at school.  I love the kids.
But, Geeeeeeeee..... After testing (and more testing).....
Summer can't get here fast enough.
How about you?... Ready for summer?
They used to say that  teachers had three reasons to teach.
That is a thing of the past for me.  I get out in on May 23 and go back at the end of July. It seems to get earlier and earlier ever year.  Crazy how that works.

Do you have an 'end of the year checklist' at your school? 

I shall be getting that in the next week or so.  My heart rate always seems to go up when I get that list. Good grief!  It is so stinkin' long with so many things to do.  Plus we have to get a signature for just about everything we do.  We run around from place to place, deadlines to meet, materials to account for, data to calculate..... the list goes on and on.  So much to do!

I actually like the last couple of days of school when there is  time to do a few fun activities.   I don't know how it is at your school, but they collect our textbooks about a week or more before school gets out. Therefore you have to come up with activities to keep the kids motivated and on task.  Here are a few activities I plan to do.  You can find these in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

End of School Year Word Search Activity

End of School Year Activities

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