Figurative Language Activities

Figurative Language Activities

We have spent the last couple of weeks studying figurative language, and my students have had so much fun.  It really is a fun topic to teach!  One of our class activities has been the making of a figurative language mini book.  As a new type of figurative language was introduced, the students added the definition, example, and an illustration to their booklet.  I don't know about your kids, but mine always like to make little books. 

We have covered many types of figurative language, but one activity in particular I wanted to share with  you is on Idioms.  Are you familiar with the books My Mama Likes to Say, My Teacher Likes to Say, and My Daddy Likes to Say by Denise Brennan-Nelson?  If not, you have got to use them when you cover Idioms.  Plus, I found a great packet to go along with idioms that was put out by the publisher of the books.  It's free, so click HERE to get that. 

In my store, I also have resources to go along with your figurative language unit.

Here is a set of figurative language posters.  I use these to project on the SmartBoard when introducing a new type of figurative language.  You could easily just print them out and use them for display on a bulletin board.

I also made a figurative language game.  Visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store for all the details.  Your students are sure to have fun playing this as a literacy center.

Here are a few pictures from some of our figurative language lessons.

The picture below is an alliteration number line.  Each students was given a number, and they had to write an alliteration that went along with the beginning sound of the number they were given.  They looked really cute hanging in order out in the hallway.  I also hung some other examples of alliteration around the posters.

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