3-D Solid Figures Marshmallow Activity

3-D Figures and Marshmallows
My students love geometry, and I do too.  I wanted to share a couple of fun activities we did recently. For sarters, they got to design a net and then turn it into the 3-D figure.  You probably have these outlines in your math teacher resource books. Here are a couple of samples.

Next, they were able to build 3-D figures using marshmallows and toothpicks.  They always love this activity.  I will include a picture, and then there is a link to the skill sheet I made to go along with the activity.  You can get this from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  On this sheet, they write the vertices, edges, and faces for the figures they build. Your students will love this!

Click below to get the details for this activity sheet.

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  1. Hey Molly! Your blog makes me hungry! I love it. I am your newest follower and I can't wait to read more posts!!!

    <a href="http://oneteacherstake.blogspot.com>One Teacher's Take</a>

  2. ha ha.... yeah, it's pretty yummy looking ! :-) Thanks for visiting! I will check out your blog.... Molly

  3. I also love the 3-D marshmallow activity. I did a blog post about it a while back and had some people comment that they use gum drops instead of marshmallows. I thought that was pretty interesting and definitely worth a try next time! Maybe a bit less sticky?? We will see!

    Teaching in the Early Years

  4. Hey Shelley.... I read the other day about the gum drops. I never really liked eating those as a kid though, but I did love marshmallows :-)


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