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212 degrees... Just One Extra Degree

It wasn't so long ago that I heard about One Extra Degree and was intrigued by it. My husband actually used the concept with his basketball team this year, having 212 degrees put on the back of their shooting jerseys.  Then, as I returned to work today, we were presented with the concept at our faculty meeting. The comparison between the boiling point of water and striving to be  someone that stands above the rest is an analogy that can really make you think.  It can help you to take a step back and look at yourself and ask, "What can I do to create that steam?"  If you don't know what I'm talking about, then watch this video.

So, with that said, it seems fitting that my newest Featured Teacher Blog is called One Extra Degree

and they are officially awarded the:

Amanda is the third grade teacher behind the scenes at the teacher blog One Extra Degree.  She makes all of the great teacher resources, which tend to meet the grade range from  k-4.   I know Amanda from Teachers Pay Teachers where she is a top seller.  Take a moment to check out her blog and TpT store.  You are sure to find a few items you can take back to the classroom.

One Extra Degree TpT Store

One Extra Degree Blog

As you celebrate ringing in the 2012 with your students, strive to be a 212 degrees kind of teacher.

teachers pay teachers store
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  1. Molly! Oh my goodness. Thank you so much for this! :) This made my day, and I am so happy that I found your blog! I can't wait to see more and check out your TpT goodies! Take care!


  2. awww.... Glad I could make your day! Thanks for checking out my confections. :-) It's great to share great material like yours.


  3. That was well written Molly! I will have to have my husband read it tomorrow. He doesn't understand why I am so excited about this Ed blogging thing. Maybe because he is a PE Coach for Middle Schoolers and doesn't do the classroom teacher thing anymore. I got super excited writing my recent post. He even asked me, why do care or put more work into this. I told him, it's because I really care about my kids and I want the best for them. I then asked the "boiling" question: wouldn't you want Ethan (our 1st grader) to have a teacher like me that's excited about new ideas to bring to the classroom. Of course, he agreed.

    Thanks again for sharing & congrats Amanda!


  4. Hey Christina, and thanks! Blogging, HGTV, .... my husband is very supportive, but he doesn't understand why I like any of that. I also like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Hoarders, so OH Well!...LOL

    Your Ethan is a cutie! Also, I think I am going to do the 'one word' with my students. I might have a hard time coming up with mine. If I do, I will blog about it. :-) of course.

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