Hallway Behavior Monitor

Behavior in the School Halls

I don't know what kind of rules you have at your school for behavior in the halls, but at my school it is supposed to be quiet.  For the most part, the students do a great job walking down the hall.  There are just a few kids though that need an extra reminder.  So, what is my solution?  I saw these cute little patterned clipboards at Target in the dollar section. They are the smaller clipboards, not the regular size.  I made a printout to clip to the board to write names down on.  I am going to be picking a reliable helper to assist in monitoring, and they will be able to carry the clipboard and write down names. They always love stuff like that!  I know, I could have just put blank white paper on the clipboards, but if you haven't figured me out yet... I am not a Plain Jane kind of gal! 

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