Geometry Lesson Printables

Geometry Lesson Printables

I have put together a few really cute geometry printables.  This packet of 5 sheets includes a sheet on similar and congruent where students simply identify whether the shapes are similar of congruent. The second sheet is identifying the number of sides and angles on each polygon, and then also naming the polygon.  There are three graphic organizers included.  One deals with quadrilaterals, the second is on angles, and the third is on triangles. On all of the organizers, students will write down characteristics of each and then they can illustrate a picture to represent each definition.  These sheets are colorful, but will copy just fine in black and white.  If you are fortunate enough to be able to project files on your board, these sheets are great to do as a class as you introduce the topics. This geometry packet can be purchased from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

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