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UPDATE:  Since I posted the below blog, I added more pages.  It is a total of 13 pages.  See the details on the TpT website.  If you use Fountas and Pinnell's reading strategies, this goes along with the first few days of setting up reader's workshop.

School is almost in, and I am gearing up for reader's workshop.  In doing so, I have designed some sheets and have added them to my TpT product listings.  What do you get?

This is a packet of printable sheets to be used in a student's readers notebook. The packet includes a COVER SHEET, which can be slid down into the plastic sleeve of a three-ring binder. It also includes a TABLE OF CONTENTS. I have split the notebook into seven sections. You could choose to use this table of contents or make your own. I will use the tabbed dividers in the binder to separate the sections. There is a sheet called ALL ABOUT ME, THE READER for students to complete and put in the front of their binder. This sheet has a place for them to do a self-portrait, tell the last book read, explain how they feel about reading, and share how they choose books. There is a READING LOG, a sheet titled I PROMISE TO TAKE CARE OF MY READER'S NOTEBOOK where students can write 5 things they will and 5 things they will not do with the notebook (this could be used with a mini-lesson), a sheet titled HOW DO YOU SHOP FOR JUST RIGHT BOOKS where they write ideas on how you know a book is too easy, too hard, or just right. A sheet titled WHAT TO INCLUDE IN MY READER'S RESPONSE LETTER, which tells proper letter format, reminders of conventions. They will then stick these on the sheet to refer to in their notebook. Finally, I have included a LIST OF 5 WEBSITES that have free reader's workshop printables. These can be combined with what I have made in order to make a wonderful reader's notebook for your students.

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