Order of Operations Math Game

I gotta' (yes, I know that's not spelled correctly) tell you, some fourth graders can barely do basic multiplication and division, so when it comes to throwing another step into the picture, such as order, it can become quite challenging.  This week's focus is order of operations, and what better way to make things fun than with an order of operations game!!  The theme of this game is 'get in the groove' with order of operations.  It has a peace and love theme and is sure to get your kiddos in a happy mood. 

This is a sample game that has been laminated and put in a file folder.

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In this game, students will solve problems using order of operations with adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. This makes a perfect math center activity, as it fits perfectly in a file folder once laminated. There are 32 operation cards, an adorable cover sheet for the front of your file folder game, answer sheets, and directions. Your students are going to get in the groove with order of operations and have a smile on their face while doing it!

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