Classroom Christmas Party

For starters I want to say, " YaH- Whooooo!"  .... I have 15 days off!

Okay, now for the sharing of the Christmas Party, which was actually a lot of fun.  My room mom planned games with the "Minute to Win It" theme.  There were centers set up around the room, and the kids traveled around and participated in the various activities. A few of the games were really cute, so I thought I would give you the short hand version of how to play.  You will have to excuse the quality of the photos.  My Black Berry is taking terrible pictures.

In this first activity, the kids used candy canes to try and stack 5 large nuts on top of each other.
Most would get 3-4 and then it would fall over. Oh, and you couldn't use your second hand.

Here the kids had to stack a tower of plastic ups without it falling over.  They then had to take it down. Taking it down was actually where a lot of the kids made it fall.

Next, the kids had to shake 5 boxes and then put them in order based on how many Christmas jingle bells were in each box.  There were boxes with 5,10,15,20 and 25.  Once they had them in the order they wanted, they removed the lid and read the number inside and saw the bells.

This was a ping pong game where the kids bounced a ping pong ball and tried to get it into the one of the Christmas themed cups.  The game started off with the snow man bucket in the middle but then it was removed to make it more challenging.  This one was a fun game to watch because balls were flying everywhere.

As you can see, we had a lot of fun in class today.  This was actually a nice way to finish a week that was filled with an hour of benchmark testing every day.

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