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Classroom Management

Classroom Management Idea

Need an extra component to add to your behavior/classroom management system?

Everyone likes to be told they are doing something good, right? Well this idea was devised for that very reason. I am a believer that if you tell kids they are doing something right, give them compliments, their next behaviors will follow that same pattern. When you see a child smiling, tell them how much you loved seeing them smile, or when they made someone else smile. :-) When you see a child doing something brilliant, tell them..... 

This package includes 26 words that go along with each letter of the alphabet. Hence, the name... The ABC's of Positive Thinking. Each piece of paper has 2 word that can either be cut apart of left on one whole piece. There is a title page as well that can also be hung with the words. 

The idea is that you would hang the words on the wall either vertically or horixontally, leaving enough space to hang cards below or beside each word. This can also be used on a bulletin board. When you see a child displaying one of those words, write their name on one of the coordinating cards and hang it with the word. Say in front of the class, "Johnny really brought JOY to our class when he....."

You will find that this behavior management method of positive thinking forces you to be a positive thinker towards your students. If you have a word that is left with no names, ask the kids why they think no one is displaying that behavior and that the goal should be to work your way under that word. 

Even if you just put up 1-3 words a day, you will have accomplished positive thinking. You can also start over each nine weeks if you wanted to, so that the names don't stretch around your room.

Another suggestion is to laminate a bunch of the name cards and write on them with a Visa V marker that will erase.

I hope these cards will bring lots of compliments to your classroom and help you with your classroom management/behavior management.

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