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Do you teach US History for kids? Do you have a hard time getting the history standards covered? Is planning taking you forever? The struggle is real! Over the years, I have heard so many teachers say they struggle with those two things. Some even say they don't like teaching history. I was in the same place for about the first decade of my teaching career. It was taking me hours upon hours to prepare and have everything together when it came to U.S. history. After all, elementary teachers don't have a degree in history. :-) I knew something had to change. I needed a better way. I was taking too much time away from my family, staying late at school, working on Sunday nights, and it was all because textbooks weren't working, and I needed to pull from here and there to get things covered. Over the next decade of my career, I envisioned a better way. I knew I could create something for me that would also help other teachers. I decided to dive in and find a solution to my problem. I have spent nearly three years writing and creating my line of interactive social studies notebooks. Today, thousands of teachers are using them from all over the country. They have shared with me that they love them and their students do too. Teachers say they enjoy teaching history using my passages.

molly phillips social studies interactive notebook
Hi...I'm Molly. I've been an educator for over 20 years. I have degrees in elementary education and reading/literacy. 
 I strugged for years to get the Georgia standards covered in the time frame I was given. I spent hours trying to find the perfect passages and activities to teach the U.S. history topics. Textbooks included so many details that many of my students had trouble retaining the information. I needed something that was concise but still covered the content I was required to teach. I couldn't find a system that worked for me, so I decided to create one.  
I have spent the last three years researching and writing short U. S. history passages for kids that cover the main details of each event in history. The passages cover U.S. history topics that are usually taught in 4th and 5th grades. Often times the same topics are covered later in the high school years (in greater detail). 
An added bonus is that I consulted with my husband who has a couple of degrees in the social sciences field. He has taught history to high school kids for nearly 25 years. He helped me pinpoint the important points I should include in my passages. He helped me take out the fluff and focus on what was important. I did the research and writing, and he helped me fine-tune. We make a great team. 
I've done the work, which saves you time for other things.... like family, friends, and fitness. That's something we teachers need!
NOTE: These passages will work great for homeshool parents/kids too.

The history passages and activities are interactive, interesting, and FUN to use.... for teachers and students.
After using my social studies interactive notebooks, I have had teachers tell me their kids love U.S. history! They can't wait for social studies each day. That puts a smile on my face! :-)
From feedback I have received, I know that thousands.... yes, thousands of teachers have LOVED using the passages. 
I have received over a thousand positive feedback comments from teachers on my notebooks and passages when sold individually. 

Here are a few comments left for this MEGA Bundle.
"Worth every penny! Everything is printed and ready for easy implementation! I know my kids are going to love learning with this resource, thanks!" ~ Jennifer
"W.O.W!!!!!" ~ Bridgett
"Thank you so much for this amazing resource! It is definitely worth the money. I looped up with my students(now 5th) from last year- our curriculum was boring and just didn't work for us. The kids LOVE this curriculum, they get so excited now for Social Studies. I love that the passages are quick- leaving more time for in depth discussions." ~ Paige
"Love, love, love this! The passages are challenging, but not overwhelming. They are interesting and state all the important information I want students to know about historical events. I can easily fit a reading with the activities into my daily schedule, and the students love breaking out of the old book and binder paper writing routine. They get so excited when it's social studies time!" ~ Deanna
"I am so excited to use this. Wow!! It is exactly what I was wanting, and saved me so much time in having to find it all in various locations!! Thank you!" ~ Rachel
"Why did I wait to buy this?!?! :) I am a new 5th grade social studies teacher and this bundle is amazing! My students enjoy the great passages to use and the creative interactive notebook sheets. This just made my teaching experience so much easier! Thank you!" ~ Avri
I decided to take my top selling individual passages and notebooks and combine them into one MEGA Bundle.
4th grade social studies interactive notebook
  • Interactive Notebooks
  • 130 Passages
  • Native Americans
  • Explorers
  • American Revolution
  • Government
  • Westward Expansion
  • Civil War
  • World War I
  • World War II
  • Biographies
  • 21 Holidays/Celebrations in the U.S.
  • So many topics!!
  • Games
  • Activities

This purchase is for one teacher only. Additional licenses can be purchased. Terms of use can be found HERE

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