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Deanna Jump

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I am pleased to announce that Deanna Jump's blog is my first 'featured teacher blog' here on Classroom Confections.  She gets the Sweet Teacher Blog award. Despite the fact that I teach upper grades and she teachers those little kindergarten kiddos, her classroom units are very inspiring to me, as they are to many other teachers across the country.  They are bright, colorful, and most of all.... FUN!  Anyone that knows me as a teacher knows I am looking to have a bit of fun in the classroom.  How much do I love Deanna Jump's units?  Well, if I was told tomorrow that I had to move down to the lower grades to teach (and we know that can sometimes happen), I think  I would be a little less stressed just knowing I could pull up her themed units and start teaching.

deanna jump

Speaking of teaching kindergarten, I get so tickled watching the kindergarten teachers at the start of the school year trying to teach their students the basic skills of hands to self, quiet in line, and keep it a straight line.  I passed one class earlier in the year and I just had to stop to ask her why all the kids had their mouths filled with air.  She kept saying, "Make a bubble." .......answer...... Well, if you blow your mouth up with air, you can't talk either!  Wonder if Deanna has a unit on bubble blowing?  Probably not, but if you teach the lower elementary grades,  check out her website, blog, and teachers pay teachers store to get all kinds of wonderful teaching ideas.   

If you are a teacher and you have a blog with super sweet classroom ideas, send me an email so I can check it out.  I will be doing frequent write-ups.

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  1. What a sweet post! Deanna Jump is certainly amazing! I am so happy for teachers like her!

    Miss Kindergarten
    Target Treasures

  2. Molly, Thanks so much for the sweet shout out. I love your new blog! I just posted the link to my facebook page and I will be sure and add you to my blog. I can't wait to see all of your fabulous ideas!

  3. very welcome!! and thanks to you also.

    Saw your son had a buzzer beater in a game tonight... so fun! Madison, my daughter, scored her first varsity basketball points tonight... so exciting. She is just a freshman so she doesn't get to play too much yet.

  4. love this! pre-teacher Tammy


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