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I can not tell you how many times I have used my Teachers Pay Teachers app. Being a seller, I started using it on my IPhone when it was released, which means I must have used it for a couple of years.  I get on the app many times a day to check my feedback, respond to questions, check sales, etc.  So, the big question is... WHY HAVE I NEVER NOTICED?  Noticed what,  you may ask.  Why have I never noticed that the little arrow thingy at the top actually does something!!! That's right!  The little arrow image (I never really looked at it as an arrow, but I guess that is what it is supposed to be) between the freebie and sale items .... well, it will actually pull up a list of random sellers if you swipe your finger across it from top to bottom. Honestly, I always thought it was just a decoration.  And get this.... once the page of sellers comes up, swipe your finger from right to left across the screen, and an entire new page of sellers comes up.  Crazy!  But here is the deal, unless you can tell it actually does something and you aren't even aware those are little arrows, why would you swipe your finger across it from top to bottom!  So, it makes perfect sense.  

And, you might be wondering why I finally swiped it after a couple of years.  Well, I got an IPhone 6 plus for Christmas, and it got my attention now that my screen was huge :-)

Now, some of you might have realized this information about the Teachers Pay Teachers app, and if you did, well then I guess you are not as clueless as me....LOL!!  Okay, maybe not clueless, but after I realized it, I had to ask some of my top seller friends who have been around as long as me on TpT to see if they knew it actually performed an action.  THANK GOODNESS I was not the only one!!!  Many sellers were not aware. In fact, most everyone I asked had no clue. Even my good friend Deanna Jump, TpT's #1 seller,  didn't know.  Lordy, that made me feel so much better :-)  So, what about you?  Did you know, or are you in the 'clueless' category? 

If you don't have the app, you can download it for free in the iTunes store.


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