Healthy Moment with Molly: Advocare and Healthy Habits

It's the New Year, and I am going to introduce a new segment to my blog.  It's not school related, but I guess it is teacher related. After all,  teachers should be healthy, right? Everyone should TRY to be healthy, but I will be the first to say that it is not easy. So, with that said, I am going to be writing blog posts that I will title "Healthy Moments with Molly".  I hope you enjoy.  
So, here goes.
Over the last couple of months, I have been trying to change my eating habits.  
I have been trying to eat more of these:
The reality is, I would typically like more of these.

HELLO!  This is a picture I took at Christmas. Can you believe I didn't even eat one!!! 
About a week before Thanksgiving, I started the Advocare 24 Day Challenge. I had to do something.  I was feeling not-so-good like crap. I really needed to do something that was going to rid me of the sugar/carb cravings I always seemed to be having. After seeing several friends have success with Advocare, I knew it could work. I mean, it was working for them, so at least there was a chance it would work for me. After months of debating and talking myself out of it, I decided it was worth a try. 

{I want to tell you lots more about Advocare and The Challenge,
 but I will save those details for another post.}

I feel like it was a huge success.  I did not take measurements, but I did take pictures along the 24 days.  I think the before and after pictures below  pretty much speak volumes about the success I had with the challenge. I was experiencing a lot of puffiness, and the challenge helped rid me of that.  I actually have continued with all parts of the challenge except the cleanse part, because they only recommend that every 90 days.  I still have weight to lose, so I am continuing on several of the products.  The picture below was taken about 25 days ago, so I really need to take another one.  I just wanted to show you the results I got with The Challenge.  

If you want to read more about the Advocare 24 Day Challenge Pack, click HERE.
I have been so impressed with my results that I became a distributor. :-) Distributors get a discount, and since I planned to keep taking the products, it just made sense.  

I am not going to fib.  This was a real challenge for me.  Hence, the name, right? But, the Advocare products have appetite suppressants that have helped so much.  Giving up Diet Coke.... well, honestly, I never thought I could say that it has been nearly 50 days since I had one.  CUH-razy!!  The Spark drink available through Advocare, helped provide the energy I think I was looking for from the Diet Coke.  If you want to check out Advocare Spark, Click HERE.  I actually have several friends that have never done the challenge, but they do drink the Spark.  Going to be honest though.....  I did not like the cherry.  The watermelon flavor is just okay (to me, of course).  The fruit punch is yummy! That's pretty much what I drink now.  Spark, water, and black coffee (just a little of the coffee).  I have also just recently been introduced to LaCroix. You can read about LaCroix Sparking Water HERE. A friend recommended that to me, because it has the carbonated taste that Diet Coke has.  It's pretty good, and sometimes I mix it with the Advocare Spark mentioned above.  Just trying to get some variety. That's the spice of life, right!  or is it sugar?

As you can see written under the picture above, I have also given up artificial sweeteners.  I was a HUGE Splenda addict.  Of course artificial sweetener is in the Diet Cokes I was consuming.  Oh Lordy.... a big 'ole Diet Coke from Sonic is soooooooo good. I am going to challenge you to watch some of the videos on Dr. Oz's website dealing with artificial sweeteners.  You can go to Dr. Oz's website, by clicking HERE. After you watch the video that the link takes you to, watch the other videos right below it too. 
They are an eye opener!!

Alrighty, I suppose that is enough healthy Molly for one day. :-)  
I will be back to share more about this little journey, so stay tuned.  
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  1. That's awesome Molly! I know all about Advocare. I'm glad it's working for you! It's so funny that both of us posted about getting healthy. I just yesterday posted a picture of my "before and after" after losing 50 pounds. Keep up the good work!
    Gig ‘Em Teacher

  2. Thanks for visiting Angela. I am headed over to check out your blog post. :-) Sounds fantastic. ~Molly


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